EMPREINTES, the French fine crafts concept store is the market place that showcases more than 1,000 unique and limited edition pieces of art, handmade in the workshops of French craftsmen and artists of matter.

EMPREINTES offers unique and emotional objects for all occasions.
From a “friendly object” you can use daily, to precious and spectacular artworks, EMPREINTES is the place where you will find tableware, ornaments, jewels, furniture, lights, cabinets of curiosities and much more.

This 600 m² four-storey building, bathed in natural sunlight, is located in the heart
of the Haut-Marais neighbourhood of Paris.
The “Shop in Shop” spirit and several dedicated areas
will unveil and showcase the variety and diversity of artistic expressions.
At our store you will find a precious jewellery store, magnificent china cabinets,
displaying beautifully designed tableware, and wide areas dedicated
to massive artworks and furniture.

A cafe, a library and a projection room make it
a meeting place for collectors and emotional objects enthusiasts.

EMPREINTES is an initiative of Ateliers d’Art de France.